8 dogs who will brighten your day immediately, if not sooner

June 15, 2017

Watch your throne Grumpy Cat! These mutts might just steal your crown (after they drool all over it). We salute the pioneering pooches, cocking their leg all over the internet in a bid for world dogination.

Loki the Wolfdog


Ever gone on a holiday and fretted there’s nobody to feed the dog? Kelly Lund nixed that problem in the bud, by repeatedly taking his gargantuan wolfdog with him. The part Siberian Husky, Malamute and Arctic Wolf pet has 632,000 adoring followers on Instagram, and we assume would list his interests as snowboarding and being carried like a baby by his daddy.




Get your tissues at the ready for this super sad doggy tale with a happy ending. Marnie the Shih Tzu wasn’t adopted until the senior citizen age of 11 when dog lover Shirley Braha found her in a rescue centre in New York City. The Vine video star is hearing impaired, and her tongue perpetually lolls out of her mouth, due to vestibular disease during her years of neglect. Now well-loved and pampered, Marnie has certainly made up for lost time, garnering 1.9 million Instagram followers and becoming the poster pooch for adopting older dogs.




This Pomeranian fuzzball continues to lord it over every other online dog. He boldly proclaims he’s “the cutest dog in the world” and has a Facebook page with 17 million likes to back up his claim. You know you’ve made it when you have a stuffed toy in your likeness and you’re the subject of a Twitter hoax claiming you’ve died.

Photo: @facebook/Boo

Helmut the Pug


If you’re looking for the crappiest animal karaoke ever recorded, Helmut’s efforts deserve a mention. He lists his occupation as “living the pug life in Toronto” − something clearly in evidence in his cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling. In the short video, he manages three costume changes, including a flattering turtleneck.

Photo: @facebook/helmutthepug

Mischka the Talking Husky


Mishka the Siberian Husky has a strong voice and is determined to be heard. The YouTube sensation has been known to yodel, “I want waffles!” and other unnatural utterances such as “I love you,” “hello” and “I’m hungry”. Clearly aware of her inflated canine IQ, she will answer “no” if you’re foolish enough to ask her if she’s stupid. And so she should. Now almost 16, she is creeping up towards 99 in human years.

Photo: @instagram/mishka_the_husky

Larry the doggy


Pitbulls traditionally have a bad rap as the thugs and street fighters of the dog world. But Larry here is out to change that perception. He’s fond of posing with flowers, giving slobbery kisses and having epic snuggle sessions, all captured online by his devoted owner, of course. Naturally, he’s also prolific on Twitter with thought-provoking posts such as, 50 Shades of Larry.

Photo: @twitter/larrythedoggy/

Menswear dog


The suave Bradley Cooper of hounds, this fashion guru unashamedly promotes his impeccable style. The furry face behind this slick brand is a Shiba Inu named Bodhi, who’s even nabbed modelling contracts for Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Victorinox and ASOS, and also appeared on GQ.com. We must admit, he looks better in a suit than some blokes we know.

Photo: @instagram/mensweardog/

Jesse the Jack Russell


If you’ve had little success brainwashing the kids to help with household chores, Jesse shows you what’s possible with a little careful training. He’s adept at the grocery shopping, folding laundry and making breakfast (although you may not feel like chowing down after he serves up his saliva-covered feast). Since his videos have had over 40 million views on YouTube, we’re guessing a few interested parties would like their pets to take urgent notes.

Photo: @facebook.com/JustJessetheJack/

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