Your Very Own Personal Account Manager

Personal Account Manager

Your single point of contact for all your mobiSuper needs

Consolidate Your Super

We can make sure all your super is rolled into your mobiSuper account*

Monitor Employer Payments

We'll monitor your super payments and tell you if you haven't been paid

Based in Australia

No more waiting on hold for an overseas call centre

Personal Account Manager

Each member has a personal account manager. Your account manager will help you navigate the complexities of super in a simple and easy to follow manner. Your account manager, along with our super smart technology, will monitor your account continuously. So expect a call if your employer hasn't paid your super on time.

We'll find and combine your lost, active and inactive superannuation funds

If you've ever changed names, moved house, or had more than one job, then it's likely that some of Australia's $14 billion in lost super belongs to you. When you join mobiSuper, we can roll all the superannuation we find into your new mobiSuper fund. *

And if your employer ever fails to pay your super on time, then your personal mobiSuper account manager will let you know.