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  • The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) had asked consultants Rice Warner to examine whether there was a minimum cost-effective fund balance for a SMSF. The final report was released publicly in September 2013. On the question of minimum cost-effective... Read More
  • You cannot combine your superannuation with your partner’s. - it is however important that you understand your partner’s superannuation arrangements including any insurance they may hold through their super fund. For example, who is the beneficiary for their super... Read More
  • Can I use my Super for a deposit on a new house?

    Question by Melissa | 11 August 2016
    No,-  unless you access your superannuation benefits after you retire - after a certain age, or when you satisfy another condition of release, such as permanent disability or severe financial hardship.
    This is due to fact that Superannuation is subject... Read More
  • If you’re concerned about unpaid super guarantee (SG) contributions, first step is talk to your employer. - you should ask them how often they are currently paying your super, into which fund they are paying it and how much... Read More
  • Withdrawing superannuation benefits means you must satisfy certain Superannuation rules. There are various ways to unlock your super early (or for your family to unlock your super if you die). In many cases, you can only withdraw your super if you... Read More
  • I have just changed jobs. What happens with my Super?

    Question by Natasha | 11 August 2016
    It’s important to remember that superannuation is your money regardless of where you work. When you change jobs, it is important to remember about the funds that you’ve accumulated in your super fund. Changing jobs is the major reason... Read More