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  • Supporting a green planet
  • Building a brighter future
  • Say 'no!' to big oil and coal
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mobiSuper’s ethical investment option aims to provide you with long term financial gain and investments that have a positive impact on the environment today and tomorrow.

Supporting a green planet

We invest globally in sustainable solar, geothermal, wind and hydroelectric energy companies.

Building a brighter future

We aim to leave an unspoiled and unpolluted world for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Healthier Communities

We support improved health and community wellbeing.

Protecting human rights

We don't invest in companies that are known to exploit children or adult workers worldwide.

We do invest in the following industries:

Corporate leadership positions on sustainability

Improved health and community wellbeing

Renewable energy / energy efficiency

Sustainable environmental practices

Sustainable building practices

Workplace health and safety

We don't invest in the following industries:

Alcohol production

Tobacco manufacture

Weapons manufacture

Gaming manufacturers and providers of gaming facilities

Companies convicted of environmental offences

Mining uranium for the purposes of weapons manufacture